Joseph Dugan, Inc.

Specialty Masonry Restoration & Waterproofing

City Hall OCNJ

Ocean City, NJ

Michael Calafati

Scope of Work:
Facade cleaning, brick and terra cotta masonry repointing, sealant installation, and masonry rebuild.

(Excerpt from OCNJ Daily newspaper article by Donald Wittkowski)

“The idea was never to make this building perfect again, because it’s over 100 years of age,” Calafati explained during a tour of City Hall on Wednesday.

Even the two-step process for hiring a contractor to do the work was special, said Joseph Clark, the city’s purchasing manager. First, prospective contractors had to be prequalified to prove they had the expertise to perform such a project. Then, they were allowed to bid on the contract.

Joseph Dugan Inc., a masonry restoration company based in Erdenheim, Pa., won the City Hall contract. The company’s experience in restoring historic buildings includes Resorts Hotel and Casino and the Claridge Hotel in Atlantic City, according to its website.

Emphasizing the intricate nature of the City Hall project, Calafati described Joseph Dugan’s workers as highly skilled craftsmen.

“They’re not your run-of-the-mill masons or bricklayers,” he said. “They’re adept at what they do.”


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