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Facade Inspections

Facade and parapet maintenance has always been a primary concern to our firm.  Due to facade failures in recent years, the City of Philadelphia instituted the Facade Ordinance Law. This law requires building facades within the city limits to be inspected every five years.  Joseph Dugan, Inc. provides facade inspection assistance  to leading Architectural and Engineering Firms in the area.  If any problem is found on your building facade during the inspection process, we can provide you with emergency services to address or mitigate immediate needs.

 City Ordinance (FINAL)


Facade Inspection Assistance Services
  • Suspended Swing Scaffolding Access/Operation for Design Professional
  • High Reach Equipment Access/Operation
  • SPRAT Certified Rope Access Technician Assistance
  • Cost Estimating Services based on Facade Inspection Reports
  • Design Professional Recommendations