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Specialty Masonry Restoration & Waterproofing


Sealant Replacement at Blue Cross Building

Curtain Wall Wet Glazing Repairs

Joseph Dugan, Inc. is committed to solving waterproofing challenges and problems for our clients. We work alongside design professionals and building owners to achieve the best waterproofing solutions for your building. We can help avoid potential problems and future repair expenses by recommending and implementing reliable repair details with state of the art waterproofing products.



Expansion Joint and Kemper Flashing

Expansion Joint and Cold-Fluid Applied Flashing

Waterproofing Repair Methods: 
  • Lintel and Shelf Angle Flashing Replacement
  • Chemical Grout Crack Injection
  • Crack Routing & Sealing
  • Expansion Joint Repair and Replacement
  • Sealant Replacement
  • Window System Wet Glazing Installation
  • Deck Coating Systems
  • Wall Coating Systems
  • Below Grade Waterproofing Repair and Replacement
  • Cold-Fluid Applied Reinforced Waterproofing Membrane


Below Grade Waterproofing Membrane


Cold-Fluid Applied Flashing